Before you buy a pet bird, Do Your homework!


  2. Birds are NOT domesicated!

  3. Can be expensive $$$, consider avian veterinary care, bird cage, perches, water and food bowls, toys, etc

  4. Long live spans depending on species.

  5. Extremely social, not a background pet. How much TIME can you spend with a pet bird?

  6. Have other pets? Have children? Ever own a pet bird before?

  7. Where do you live? Home? Apartment? Condo? Any noise restrictions?

  8. Can be NOISY, MESSY, and/or DESTRUCTIVE! May damage your furniture, window frames, etc

  9. Have dander (feather dust), you can be allergic

  10. Never grow up. Consider having a 2 year old for their entire lifetime.

  11. Active. Need room to play, exercise, and fly. Need to forage.

  12. Need a varied diet. Seeds and pellets alone are not healthy. Need fresh fruit, vegetables, grains.

  13. Need UVA and UVB light and at least 10 hours of sleep.

  14. Very sensitive to air quality!

  15. Can transmit certain diseases to you.

  16. Vacation? Who will watch your bird?