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ONLY 2 more weeks before our 25th ANNUAL BIRD FAIR

SUNDAY, APRIL 22 from 10 am - 4 pm.  Look for details on the annual bird fair page or look below at flyer!

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Current Officers 2018

President - Patti Hughes

Vice President - Susan Dugan

Recording Secretary - Jean Truxall

Corresponding Secretary - Carol Crocker

Treasurer - Janet Brenot


CONTACT:  MAEBS, P.O.Box 3451 , Dublin, OH 43016

Facebook:  Ask to join MAEBS Discussion Forum


The purpose of the club is to educate the keepers and breeders of the avian community, to promote advances in aviculture, better husbandry, conservation, education, and research for the well being of the avian species.  The club shall operate as a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization.

IN THE BEGINNING:  The Mid-American Exotic Bird Society (MAEBS) was formed on October 17, 1980 by:

Richard E Baer, DVM    Mark Reader    Donn Griffith, DVM    Stephen W Daulton    Jane Washburn    Jerry King    William Maynard